At our Foundation, we are committed to enhancing the community of Chillicothe through various initiatives aimed at enriching lives and preserving the natural beauty of the area. Our main objectives include:

Inspiring Charitable Giving

We strive to support the development, promotion, and maintenance of Chillicothe Park District’s lands, buildings, facilities, equipment, supplies, activities, and programs. Your generous contributions enable us to continue providing essential services to the community.

Promoting Purposeful Programs

We actively encourage programs aligned with our Foundation’s goals, such as endowment, gifting, sponsorship, and volunteerism. These initiatives empower us to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals in Chillicothe.

Enriching Quality of Life

Our focus is to enhance the overall quality of life for the greater Chillicothe area by collaborating with the Chillicothe Park District. Together, we work towards offering inclusive recreation programs and state-of-the-art facilities for everyone to enjoy.

Complementary Collaboration

We believe in working hand-in-hand with the Chillicothe Park District, a local government unit. Our aim is to complement and enhance their activities without infringing on their authority, ensuring that we collectively fulfill our mission of providing top-notch recreational services while preserving our natural resources.

Advocacy and Conservation

Our dedication extends to advocacy and conservation activities that align with the Foundation’s specific objectives and purposes. By engaging in these initiatives, we contribute to the protection and enhancement of our cherished natural environment.

Board Members

Jeff Admire


Karen Burnett


Mallory Audo


Mike Krost

Vice President

Kevin Yates

Foundation Administrator